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Cyprian Chabvepi - Lawyer

Cyprian is a corporate attorney with a keen interest and focus in advisory services, investments law and strategy. He actively works in the corporate and commercial law fields, leading due diligences and advising on mergers and acquisitions. He is equally a capable litigator of note.

Cyprian gives corporate leadership by appointment to a number of boards for private companies and Non-profit organisations operating in Zimbabwe and South Africa. These companies are spread in the health care Services sector, transport and logistics and private equity.

He has noteworthy international exposure being attended the International Visitor Leadership program on Accountability in Government and Business and also the Mandela Washington Fellowship, YALI programme in Business and Entrepreneurship.

Cyprian holds a Bachelor of Laws Degree from South Africa, qualifications in Accountability in Government and Business (USA- State Department) and Business and Entrepreneurship (USA- State Department, hosted by Drake University)

Email: cyprian@dbnattorneys.co.zw