Legal Services

Administration of Estates

Our jouney as human beings does not end with our death as there are legal issues and obligation that remain after we are gone. We have within our firm a dedicated department that deals with estate planning, inheritance issues, succession, formation of trusts and donations all designed to assist with our individual planning.

We offer the following services:

  • Advisory services on inheritance laws and the law of succession

  • Drafting of wills

  • Drafting of deeds of donation

  • Estate Planning including tax advice

  • Drafting and registration and administration of family trusts

  • Drafting, interpretation and registration of wills

  • Deceased Estate Administration including obtaining valuations of assets and liabilities, the winding up of the deceased estate the resloution of disputes and claims of all creditors and heirs and all attendances at the Master's offices

  • Litigation surrounding succession and other legal issues arising out of a person's death