Legal Services

Constitutional Law Human Rights Law
- Criminal and Civil and Economic Rights

There is need within all progressive jurisdictions to promote human rights. We are dedicated to the promotion of Human Rights and have been part of various organizations that are rights focused. We have a human rights based approach to these branches of the law.

Criminal Law
From the time our office receives instructions that a client has been called to the police station we will offer legal advice with particular interest on protection of our client from self incrimination, torture and general rights enshrined in our constitution.

We do offer:

  • Attendance at police stations and holding cells

  • Bail applications

  • Habeas Corpus applications

  • Criminal trial litigation in all courts including appeals

  • Strictly adherence to fair trial principles

  • Extradition hearings and trials

  • Recovery of Forfeited articles

  • Civil and Economic Rights

    • Public interest litigation in education, environment etc

    • Lobby for public interst

    • Class action