Legal Services

Civil Litigation and Alternative Dispute Resolution

Our team prides itself in its combination of experience, commitment and skill in this field of law. We have successfully finalized matters within our jurisdiction and in other jurisdictions as well. Our team is made up of individuals who enjoy this branch of the law and want to set a high standard of achievement. We have litigation in all the courts in our jurisdiction namely Supreme Court, High Court and Magistrates' Courts we have experience with the High Court and Supreme Courts in other jurisdictions such as Namibia. We have realized however that the most important aspect of justice delivery is speed in resloution of commercial and civil disputes and to that end we have tried to use the quicker methos of Alternative Dispute Resolutions, mediations and conciliations which tend to provide quicker results. We are very competent in this field.

In this department we focus on:

  • Commercial Litigation

  • General Laws Litigation

  • Contract Litigation

  • Media Litigation

  • Law of injury