Legal Services

Mining Law

We are blessed to be an organization that is establishe within the mineral rich country of Zimbabwe. The country's diverse mineral portfolio has put Zimbabwe in the limelight for the right and wrong reasons. We have been at the forefront of ensuring that we balance three competing, seemingly divergent but complimentary interests; those of the investor and those of the communities. We have managed to create seamless synergies in this field by taking all the relevant players and registering their participation in providing legal solutions. We have successfully completed green and brownfield projects with local companies and international corporate from various stock exchanges around the globe. Participation in regional and local mining fairs and indabas and our team's unique interest in the mining field has enabled us to carve out our name as a premier mining law advisory firm.

We advise and assist on the following:

  • Interpretation of the Mines and minerals Act and its implications

  • Interpretation and advise on the interaction of the mInes and minerals Act and its related legislations

  • Initial purchase, survey, ownership and disposal of interests in mining claims

  • Statutory regulations and licensing

  • Multilateral agreements for the parties involved in mineral exploitation

  • Drafting of standard and special tribute agreemements with special emphasis on taxes and royalties

  • Application for special grants

  • Providing innovative solutions to indigenization conundrums

  • Due Diligence investigations

  • Drafting registration and administration of Community and Employee Share Ownership schemes

  • Corporate commercail advice such as mergers, acquisitions, project finance and joint ventures

  • Legal input on Enviromental Law

  • Legaladvisory on Mining Human Resources and Immigration Law

  • Dispute